Rules and Regulations

In order to provide our guests with calm and safe stay at our apartments, we have drew up the following rules and regulations. A client, who is making a reservation for an apartment, accepts at the same time our rules and regulations, which are an integral part of apartment rental agreement.


A reservation can be done by filling in an entry form on our website and also by mailing us, booking an apartment on or simply by doing it over the phone. As a confirmation of the reservation we acknowledge an advance in amount of 30% of the whole rental value. The advance should be transferred to our account, which number you can find on our website. Within 24 hours, since the reservation has been done, our guest receives a confirmation in form of an e-mail. If the reservation has been done on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, a confirmation will be sent on Monday. A minimal rental period is two days or one day with extra charge.

Rental charges

Charges for renting one of our apartments must be paid in two instalments. First instalment, in amount of 30% of whole rental value (when reserving an apartment for one day the amount of payment in advance is 100%), must be paid within 2 days since the guest have received a confirmation of reservation, but not later than at the day of the arrival. We take the lack of payment as a cancellation of the rental agreement. The guest is obligated to pay the remaining sum on the day, when the stay of the guest begins. The payment should be done by doing a transfer or in cash. The advance will not be returned.

Transfer of the reservation to another person

A client can transfer all his rights, that he is entitled to due to reservation, to another person in any moment, if this person will confirm at the same time, that he will take over all the obligations that come with the reservation. In such situation it is necessary to inform us about transfering the reservation and about personal details of the new client (name, surname, mobile phone number, e-mail address).

Arrival and accommodation

A client is obligated to inform a person responsible for giving out room keys not later than an hour before arrival. In case it is impossible for the client to arrive at the prearranged time, it is necessary to notify about it a person responsible for giving out room keys immediately. Furthermore the client is also obligated to pay the full sum, visible on the reservation confirmation, even if the arrival of the stay will be delayed or shortened due to circumstances beyond our control (personal reasons, communication difficulties, strikes, etc.). On account of safety a client is obligated to give proof of his identity in form of identity card of other proof of identity and also to fill in a registration card right after the arrival.

Hotel day

The hotel day starts at 3 p.m. at the day of arrival and ends at 11 a.m. at the day of departure.


At the moment our employee hands over room keys to the guest, we take a deposit in amount of 200 zł.

Client obligations

1. The number of people, who can live in our apartment is limited (mentioned in the offer) and cannot be higher than one wrote down in the registration card. A client is obligated to inform us over the phone and by e-mail about crossing that number. In such situation we offer an extra bed. If the number of people willing to rent our apartment will be higher that the one mentioned in reservation confirmation, at the moment of arrival, a person responsible for giving out room keys can refuse to do so. If it turned out, during the stay or at the end of the stay, that this number was higher than the one given on the reservation confirmation, a client may be weighed down by responsibility for paying for the stay of extra guest.

2. A client is obligated to behave in the spirit of good neighbourly relations to follow the rule of bedtime (10 p.m. - 6 a.m.) and to keep the apartment in the same condition as it was before moving in. Furthermore it is an obligation of the client to inform a person responsible for giving out room keys immediately about possible damages, defects and lack of equipment found in apartment.

3. A client is obligated to cover the costs related to possible damages, that would occur as a result of inappropriate use of apartment.

4. Room keys will be handed over to the guest directly at the prearranged place and time. If the guest is not able to arrive on time, he is obligated to inform our employee immediately about such situation.

5. The charge for the stay must be paid on the day of arrival, when the keys are handed over to the guest.

6. The guest should leave the keys on the day of the departure. It should be discussed with the person responsible for giving out keys.

7. Organizing social parties in our apartments is forbidden. For such party, that disturbs other guests peace, we are allowed to charge a fine in amount of paid deposit.

8. Smoking in our apartments is forbidden. For breaking this rule we charge a fine in amount of paid deposit.

9. It is possible to store ski equipment in our apartments, but only on ski racks and with use of special outlet for water. Ski boots should be also stored in the outlet for water. It is forbidden to bring ski equipment into room or bathroom and also to lean it on the wall, what could cause possible damages. In case of breaking this rule, we are allowed to charge a fine in amount of paid deposit.

10. In case of losing room keys, the guest is obligated to pay a 50 zł charge.

11. We reserve the right to change reserved apartment in case some sudden, unexpected circumstances occur.

12. We do not allow to bring any pets into our apartments. The apartment personnel will refuse to give out room keys to the guest, who took along an animal. An apartment guest takes full material responsibility for any equipment or technical damages caused by an animal.

13. An earlier departure of the guest caused by circumstances not depending on this guest do not entitle him to demand a refund of unexploited services.

14. It is forbidden to use pyrotechnic and flammable articles inside our apartments and on balconies. In case of breaking this rule, we charge a fine in amount of paid deposit.

15. Personal data, which we become from clients, will be processed only to realise a reservation or to inform a client about possible season offers.

16. It is forbidden to publish photos or other multimedia materials, on which it is possible to identify our apartments or any of its parts. This rule applies in particular to materials of indecent character, which can damage the good name of our apartments.

17. We leave electric devices, such as microwave with over function, induction hob or coffee maker at our guests disposal. Please read the manual before use or ask one of our employees about the way of usage.